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be nice.

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Notice what is right and what is good about someone so you can notice when something is different about the way that person is thinking, acting or feeling- their mental health!


The second step of the be nice. action plan involves taking a risk and reaching out. If you notice changes lasting two weeks or longer, it’s time to invite yourself to check in with that person or open up to someone you trust if you are personally struggling.




The challenge step takes on a number of roles; challenge yourself or an individual to get help, challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness and treatment, and challenge yourself to ask the tough questions.



This includes yourself and others to concentrate on and engage in protective factors to promote positive well-being

Therapy Sessions
Join Our Google Classroom

Want to learn more about mental health? You can get great insight o our website where we dive into these difficult topics in depth. We create a safe space for all. We would love it if you were to join us in destroying the stigmas around mental health. 

The be nice. Student Chapter is committed to mental health education, awareness, and suicide prevention awareness. Many of us have questions about our own mental health and/or have friends or family members we are concerned about and don't know whom to go to.

Complete this form by submitting your questions, and we will update our google classroom weekly with responses and answers to the questions that you have. This questionnaire is anonymous, and your identity will remain confidential. Thank you for trusting us to find answers to the questions that you have.

Getting Help

You don't have to struggle alone. There is always help. If you are feeling suicidal or experiencing severe emotional distress and need immediate help, please call or text one of the hotline numbers. 






Text HOME to 741741

WHS Resources:

Surviving Suicide Podcast:

“It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way.”
— Perry Noble
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